CamHolder 0.2

Use CamHolder to present your mobile content right on your device – with all it's sensors! The HD camera and the (optional) Mac Software are proven to work on stage for your best live performance.

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The Why and What and Woohooooo

Heiko Behrens
(spare time crafsman)
photo by Stefan Nitzsche

Dealing with mobile software, I am quite often in a situation where I want to present a feature or some content on a particular device. I was in the need for something that works on the physical thing, without lag, across the vendor zoo and could easily being carried around in a backpack. Frustrated by poor (but expensive!) document cameras and unusable platform-specific software hacks, I finally built my first camera holder in late 2011. Other speakers were thrilled. A few conferences and some modifications later, people kept asking me "where to buy" those. Being a believer in open-source software, I made the software available on GitHub. Later, I will also tell you about cutting, bending, and drilling acrylic glass in a DIY-tutorial published under the Creative Commons License. Meanwhile, I am experimenting with 3D printing and laser cutting to further improve the quality of this little tool.

You can support me with this spare time project! Send me your ideas, tell me your needs, or donate some money. And even if you were egoistic and ordered your own CamHolder you would still help me financing this awesome niche product.

What Users Say

Used my shiny new #camholder today in a preso. Changed phones 4x - no prob! Awesome gear by @HBehrens - highly recommended!

Peter Friese (@peterfriese)

Received camera holder prototype 0.2 from @HBehrens today. Exactly what we need for demos. Thanks!

Marco Tabor (@enoughmarco)

@HBehrens thx for new version #CamHolder - all my wishes solved :) now easy to make some cool videos to enhance my #BBDevCon Europe session

Ekkehard Gentz (@ekkescorner)

Watch the Video

The video below shows the current version 0.2 of CamHolder. After unpacking and assembling, I am quickly switching phones, demo the basic features of the software and finish with a ride in Tiny Wings.

That's in the Package

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You don't need your own CamHolder but want to support this project with money? Feel free to donate some via PayPal:

Tried, Tested, and Proven.

The CamHolder as well as the accompanied Mac software have been used on stage at several conferences, during a number of Skype calls as well as for various screen casts. There was low light, bright light and sometimes even flashing lights. People presented websites, games, built-in apps and I know from a phone call, too! It has been used with different models from Samsung, Apple, HTC, Nokia, RIM, and LG. And even though these brands all have a ™ or a ® in its name while CamHolder has not, I bet you'll still find it awesome!

Open-Source Rocks!

I am planning to make everything around this project freely accessible. The optional Mac software is already available on GitHub. This website, construction plans and eventually a DIY tutorial to construct the CamHolder from scratch will follow. People enthusiastic enough to build it themselves should be able to use the CamHolder on a shoestring and I am looking forward to the improvements they make! Others, who just want to use the thing and are willing to pay some money can send me a mail and I try to assemble them in my spare time.

What's Next?

For the upcoming version 0.3 I am planning to use a laser cutter for the work piece. The hook-and-loop fastener will be replaced with a cable clip and instead of a simple hole there will be a piece of 3D printed plastic to support the camera. Also, a future version 0.4 might be equipped with a shoe that's a perfect negative of a specific handset. That will be useful for all those dealing with many devices and don't want to run more than one CamHolder in parallel (yes, you can already do that).